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About us – Stevenage rehab centre. We have residential rehab centres available all over the UK. Stevenage Residential Rehab is a market leader in the field of addiction healthcare. ALL of the UK private drug and alcohol rehab clinics we have available are CQC registered plus registered. Plus we are with all the correct bodies related to this industry. We are very proud of our success and take the recovery from alcohol very seriously indeed. Our a long term success of recovery rate, currently running at 83%. As you would expect, All our staff are fully trained, accredited and CRB checked to ensure your private alcohol rehabilitation program runs smoothly and is second to none. 

About us – How long have your centres been formed?

About us – Stevenage rehab centre.  Our drug and alcohol rehab clinics are now entering their 15th year in business. We currently have over 65 rooms available throughout the UK. We have plenty of alcohol rehab programmes available with further expansion planned for the coming years.

All of this growth would not be possible without the excellent results delivered by our carefully chosen staff. Our high standards insist upon making sure we have the right person for the job. Our counsellors are well established in rehab counselling and mostly have personal experience of overcoming drug addiction or alcoholism. This ensures an unique empathy where clients feel understood, and cared for, rather than penalised, and made to feel bad for there drinking.

About us – How do I know you will give me the right advice?

About us – Stevenage rehab centre. Our admissions department is staffed by qualified drug and alcohol counsellors with many years experience of working with people suffering from drug or alcohol problems. They work according to the code of ethics as laid out by the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists). In addition the admissions counsellors will always seek to gain as much information about your current and past history as possible before offering any advice. At this point, assuming you wish to make steps towards checking into rehab, we will then complete a series of assessments to be absolutely certain that the chosen clinic is suitable to meet your needs.

About us – What can I expect if I come to you?

  • Quick admissions
  • Recovery from your addiction
  • Very high standard of care
  • Affordable and fair prices
  • Prompt, efficient service   

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