Residential Rehab  Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Residential Rehab Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Residential Rehab Centres for drug and alcohol treatment. Free access to our counsellors. NHS or private options. Free help and advice 24 hours a day. Free Family support and intervention. Rehab Centres in Birmingham - Blackpool - Cardiff - Leicester - Liverpool - Luton - Norfolk - Northampton - Nottingham - Scotland - Watford - Call 07811 606 606 (24 hours)

Residential Rehab Centres

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Residential Rehab – Saving you £1000’s on rehab centres prices! We have numerous Drug and Alcohol residential rehab centres available for detox and rehabilitation from substance misuse. We can save you £1,000’s on residential rehab...
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Alcohol Addiction

(Residential Rehab – Disclaimer: The Picture above is a Library Picture as all our centres are different inside) The Facts  Alcohol Addiction – Do you need private alcohol rehab? Nowadays alcohol is socially acceptable, and...
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Drug addiction

(Residential Rehab – Disclaimer: The Picture above is a Library Picture as all our centres are different inside) Do You Need Drug Rehab? Drug addiction – It is the same with all forms of drug...
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We have 6 residential rehab centres available for immediate admission Call: 07811 606 606 You can also text this number for a call back.  Why contact us Contact us – To find an appropriate private drug...
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Residential Rehab – Saving you £1000’s on rehab centres prices!

We have numerous Drug and Alcohol residential rehab centres available for detox and rehabilitation from substance misuse. We can save you £1,000’s on residential rehab with us. I believe you will get better treatment with us. The best time to stop your addiction is now. To find the correct drug and alcohol clinic in the UK is not as simple as looking through the yellow pages. Or doing a search on the internet for a drug or alcohol rehab clinic.

The reasons being is, it can be an incredibly difficult and emotional experience for both the client and all concerned. Also not all rehab centres are safe! You have to be careful that treatment offered does not become a negative experience which stops the client from succeeding. The patient may never get another chance at private alcohol rehabilitation. It is vital you choose the right clinic. Call us now on 07811 606 606.

Call: 07811 606 606

Looking for residential rehab, but do not know where to start?

  • Are you worried about choosing the right drug and alcohol rehab clinic?
  • Does a loved one need drug or alcohol rehab but wont except it?
  • Are you unsure if a loved one or family member needs a drug or alcohol clinic?
  • Want to know the differences between drug and alcohol rehab clinics in the UK and Abroad?
  • Do you know how to tell if a drug or alcohol rehab clinic is legitimate?

We can guide you through the very difficult process of finding a suitable drug and alcohol rehab clinic. This may include:

  • Help you discover what’s programme is right for you
  • Give you all of the facts about alcohol rehab and help you make an informed decision
  • Provide emotional and practical support to family members and loved ones
  • Encourage and motivate the client to accept their problem and take action
  • Support you 7 days per week, 365 days a year – as situations occur

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(Residential Rehab – Disclaimer: The Picture above is a Library Picture as all our centres are different inside)

Choosing the right rehab Clinic

The right clinic – There are a number of different rehab programs listed below. Generally speaking there are three main variables to consider when choosing an alcohol or drug rehab clinic program:

  • Modality
  • Duration
  • Residential Status

The right clinic – Modality

The right clinic – Modalities describes the style of counselling that will be used and can include:

  • 12 step rehabs (Works on a 12 steps programme)
  • Scientology and other religious based rehabs (Often referred to as cults)
  • One to one counselling (CBT, Gestalt, Person Centred, Psychodynamics etc)
  • Day programs (These can offer 12 step work, relapse prevention and harm reduction strategies)
  • NHS rehab


The right clinic – The 12 step drug and alcohol rehab clinics are from 10 days to 24 weeks

The religious programmes are from 6 months to 2 years

One to one counselling is from 12 weeks to 2 years

Day programmes are from 12 weeks to 24 weeks

The right clinic – Residential / Non-Residential Clinics

The third point of the equation is whether to admit as an inpatient, or commence treatment on a day prograe from home. Most people will instinctively want to try and do it from home as it’s often:

  • Closer
  • The client has to sacrifice less
  • Cheaper

On first glance the convenience of accessing a day program or one to one counselling locally might seem appealing. However, it does make recovery harder as:

  • Too close to home
  • The client is surrounded by the triggers that make them want to drink / use drugs
  • Staying at home increases the temptation to drink and use drugs
  • A community detox might not be appropriate
  • A community detox is harder than an inpatient detox (see point 3)

Most problematic drug and alcohol users will generally opt for an easier softer way, it can be part of the nature to want things without having to go through any discomfort to get them. After all, the development of alcohol and drug problems often start off as a source of inappropriate self soothing.

A note from the author

“I have worked in the rehab world for many years now, the amount of phone calls I have taken from clients wanting a magic tablet is astounding. It might be worth pointing out that drug and alcohol problems are compounded over long periods of time, and often take time to resolve – There is no quick fix.”

“For as many phone calls as I have received from clients seeking the ‘magic tablet’, I have had the same amount of calls from clients and family members that whilst they have considered rehab that are going to try what they tried the last time and expect different results. Invariably it is not, another relapse leads to despondency in the family and reduced self confidence for the client..”

The right clinic – Some positive points of residential rehab clinics are:

  1. The community is a tremendous support when clients are trying to stop drinking / using drugs
  2. Clients are away from home and the triggers that caused them drink and use drugs
  3. All our Clients are engaged in treatment 24 hours per day
  4. Clients have made a commitment to their own recovery
  5. Detox is easier, supervised and safe

Top tips* 

What ever rehab option you do decide to go with, ensure that your goals are realistic. If you have tried to go it alone and it hasn’t worked out for you before, it might not be a realistic goal to try the same again.

The right clinic – Help and Advice to Find The Right Rehab Clinic

If you are unsure about the right rehab options for you or your loved ones call us on 0844 478 1302 and can offer you free advice to:

  • Talk you through the pros and cons of each rehab clinic
  • Complete a free telephone assessment to see what treatment you need
  • Support you through the difficult task of finding and starting rehab

The right clinic – Our locations of our private clinics all over the UK

Alcohol Self Help Contacts

Here we have compiled a list of drug and alcohol and other self help resources. We are always looking for new free resources, so if you know of any, please email them to us and we will be happy to publish them here.  

Addiction Helpline

Helpline against addiction. Drink, Drugs, Sexual, Gambling, Gaming etc

If you would like any help with the above, call our team now on 07811 606 606 or 0845 3881 543.

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